Best Practices: Flowcode Video

Flowcode Size

  • TV Flowcodes are optimized for digital screens with larger scannable areas, while maintaining perks like Privacy compliance, ultra-fast scanning, and a custom branded design.

  • We recommend 400px or larger for 1080p.

    • Consider expanding the code size for 6-10 seconds when opting for anything smaller than 400px to yield higher scan rate.

Screen Distance

  • Flowcodes should occupy 50% of the average 42” screen to allow scanning from average viewing distance, 6-8 ft, without zooming in.

  • Please note, opting for a smaller code size will require scan education with “zoom in” instructions to drive more conversions.

Safe Area

  • Scannable space (square area inside the border created by the eyes) needs to be inside the title/action safe area to ensure the code scans on all TV/digital screens.

Duration (of code on screen)

  • 30-60 seconds gives the average viewer enough time to scan.

  • This will lift performance by 2 times when compared to a 15 second code duration.


For any additional questions please reach out to your Client Success Manager or send a message to our team here.

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