Code Placement Size

  • Recommendations:

    • Size of code should occupy minimum 20% of your creative and a maximum of 50%.

    • For a well lit code, a good rule to follow is a 10:1 ratio.

      • E.g. if viewers are 10 feet away from a code on a billboard, the code should be 1 foot from eye to eye.


10:1 Ratio

    • Flowcodes can be placed on any medium.

    • Size recommendations change depending onspecific location & format.

Scan Education

  • Open: the camera

  • Aim: it at the Flowcode

  • Tap: the banner next to the code

Helpful Tips for Implementing


  • Minimum Flowcode size is at least 1 inch to ensure scannability.

    • The bigger the better!

Strong Education:

  • Scanning instructions will encourage more scans than an unlabeled code.

    • Open, aim, and tap.

Call to Action (CTA):

Call to action - A strong CTA is one of the most important elements of a successful Flowcode implementation.

  • Written and verbal call to actions are very important when using codes on screen.

  • Codes that promote a sense of urgency or a chance to win perform the strongest.

      • “Scan for a chance to win”

      • “Scan now for latest deals”

      • “Scan today for early access”

  • A code with a strong CTA is 14% more likely to get scanned.

    • We can place a CTA near the code, designed within a border, or in the center of the code:


Code Design

Personalizing your Flowcode

  • You can request a custom code from our in-house design team using the Custom Codes Request Form.

  • Custom Codes can include specific branding assets such as hex colors and fonts.

  • We also offer self-serve code creation within the Flowcode platform using colors and patterns that have been tested with multiple smartphones to ensure universal scannability.

Code elements available for customizations:

  • Logo

  • Coloring

  • Data pattern (shape and coloring)

  • Images in and around the code

  • Border design (can include CTA)

  • Background colors

  • We suggest lighter backgrounds and darker data points to ensure universal scannability


Code elements not available for customization:

  • Flowcode privacy smile (due to privacy laws/compliance standards).

  • Shape of the eyes (square eyes ensure universal scannability across device types).

Edit Color and Pattern

  • Flowcodes do not have to be black and white in order to be scanned.

  • Dark data patterns and light backgrounds are more easily scanned than codes with lighter data patterns and dark backgrounds.


  • There must be a color difference of at least 70% between the data pattern and background of your code to ensure scannability.

  • If you decide to alter your code colors post code creation, please reach out to your CSM before activation to ensure you're set up for success.

  • You can submit custom code revisions here.

Add Brand Logo

  • Add your logo or another branded image to the center of your Flowcode for a consistent scanning experience.

For any additional questions please reach out to your Client Success Manager or send a message to our team here.

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