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Call to Action (CTA)
Call to Action (CTA)
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Consider a Call to Action in the border of your code design or within your creative to boost engagement.


Common CTAs:

  • Scan to download app

  • Scan to buy

  • Scan to pay

  • Scan to shop

  • Scan for to win *Most Popular

  • Scan for offer

  • Scan for exclusive content

  • Scan to share

  • Scan to donate

  • Scan to follow

  • Add Flowcodes to virtual and in-person experiences

  • Scan to 360 experience

  • Scan to Schedule test drive

  • Scan to Build your own

  • Scan to Configurator

  • Scan to Specific Model

  • Scan to Buy

  • Scan for Offers

  • Scan to Share

  • Scan to Text

  • Scan to Donate

  • Scan to Follow

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