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Navigating Flowcode Analytics
Navigating Flowcode Analytics
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After you have set up your Flowcode account and created codes and pages, you will be able to see when people are scanning your Flowcodes and visiting your Flowpages through our analytics platform.

  • The Analytics features within the platform help you get the most out of your data and improve your audience's experience.

Begin by logging into your Flowcode account. This will take you to your My Flowcodes page, where all your Flowcodes live.

To view all of your connections, which is the total number of your Flowcode scans and all of your Flowpage clicks, go to the Analytics tab on the left side navigation. You will be able to view:

  • Connections in the last selected time period

  • Connections by day of the week

  • Connections by device type

  • Connections by the time of day

This data provides powerful insights to connect you with your audiences.

Individual Codes and Folder Data

To see your connections on an individual asset level, use the filter in the top right to enter and select your codes, folders, or tags.

  1. Select the Flowcode you want to see the individual engagement on. This will take you to the code overview page for that code. Here, you can update the code’s design and the scan destination.

  2. You can also select the Flowcode or Folder you want to see the individual engagement on and click on the Code Analytics or Folder Analytics tab. You will be taken to the same aggregate view of the data seen previously in the analytics dashboard, but now it is specialized for this specific code or folder of codes.

Analytics Scan Caps

Each tier has its own maximum scan data cap, once this limit is hit, no new metrics will populate into the account, however the function of the code will not be impacted, it will still scan to its set destination.

Basic: 500

Pro: 2,000

Pro+: 6,000

Growth: 10,000

Enterprise: Unlimited

For any questions, please email [email protected]

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