After you have created a Flowcode you will be able to make edits, print, share, and gather information in the Code Overview page.

  • Download Tab: Allows you to download just the code or the code in template.

  • Settings Tab: Allows you to edit, duplicate, save and delete.

  • Permissions Tab: Allows you to edit / transfer permissions.

  • Send Tab: Allows you to send codes via email.

  • Print Tab: Allows you to print codes from the platform or directly from your OS.

Code Overview:


  • PNG

  • SVG

  • JPEG

  • PDF

  • Code in template


  • Edit code design

  • Save code design

  • Duplicate code

  • Delete code


  • Edit Permissions

  • Transfer Ownership


  • Email send


  • Get it printed (templates)

  • Print it yourself

Code Details

  • Destination

  • Date created

  • Code link (includes the Flowcode ID)

    • EX=

    • FC ID= 4RIIdmgTf

Edit Code Details

  • Edit code name

  • Edit scan destination

  • Edit custom redirect

    • Note if you change the redirect link, you must re-download or reprint your code

The Edit Code Details section allows users to update the name of the Flowcode, the scan destination, and the custom redirect link.

  • If you update the custom redirect link on your Flowcode, please re-download the code and use the updated version in your distribution.

  • The change of the domain or custom redirect will treat the updated code as its own independent code, therefore tracking data separately between the two versions.

Once you are finished editing your code, it will live in under the Flowcodes section of the platform.

  • The code will appear as the same name that was used to create the code - this can be edited at anytime.

  • You can also create a folder or multiple folders from this view.

  • A folders section will appear in your account under Flowcodes (on the left side navigation) after a folder is created.

Code Analytics

  • A quick view of the code's analytics can also be found on the top right of this page.

  • For more information on Analytics, please see our article on Dashboard Analytics.

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