Once you have requested a custom code design and reached design approval, the code template will live in your account.

  • You can use these finished templates for future codes and relevant use cases.

  • After our in-house design team completes your design template, they will add it to your account so you can have unlimited access.

How to Access in the Platform:

  • After logging into your Flowcode account, select the create code button on the My Flowcodes page. This will take you into the creation flow of making a Flowcode.

  • As you work your way through the drop-downs, you will reach a sub section labeled I want my Flowcode to look like.

  • Here, you will also see a drop-down for A saved designs. This is where your saved custom templates will live.

  • Select from your Custom Assigned Templates.

  • Once you have selected the design, continue to work through the code creation flow and then select Create my Flowcode to publish.

For any issues or questions, reach out to you Client Success Manager or email [email protected]

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