1. Allow contactless ordering

Many restaurants are offering contactless ordering through Flowcodes. Customers can scan the code to place an order, minimizing their contact with waitstaff and menus. You can implement a similar system in your bar rather than having multiple people touch your draught or wine list.

Depending on how you’ve got your system set up, you could even allow people to pay for their orders through Square, then show their confirmation to pick up their drinks. Flowcodes load quickly and can access any webpage, so they can help minimize contact as people order and pick up their drinks.

2. Offer information about your drinks

Many customers have questions about drinks, but to enforce social distancing, you’ll want to minimize chatting between bartenders and customers. Try posting a Flowcode that leads to a virtual menu, complete with detailed drink descriptions and prices. If you serve food, you could highlight recommended food pairings to boost customers' hunger — and therefore your sales.

You could even link to a YouTube channel where you demonstrate how various drinks are made. This not only helps answer your customers’ questions but also gives them something fun to do while they’re in your establishment.

3. Allow customers to access your Wi-Fi

The key to getting people to stick around and order more drinks is to give them free internet. Rather than having people come up and ask for the password, post a Flowcode in a highly visible place so they can simply scan and connect to your network. This tactic helps enforce social distancing and helps keep your bar staff from answering the same question again and again.

You can also use your free Wi-Fi as a lead generation tactic by asking for customers’ emails in exchange for accessing the internet. Then, you can sign them up for your email newsletter and promote special discounts and events.

4. Let them participate in trivia or karaoke.

If your bar or hosts trivia or karaoke, as many do, you’ve probably been using pen and paper to get people signed up or to accept trivia answers. Not only is this approach problematic in the COVID-19 era, but it’s also wasteful and inefficient.

Instead, set up a simple form where singers or trivia teams can sign up or submit their answers. With fast internet, you should get their requests and answers quickly and seamlessly. You can use automation software such as Zapier to convert their form answers into spreadsheet entries. The key to making this work is a Flowcode that directs to the form. Post it on every table and wall so that it’s easily accessible.

5. Encourage ratings and reviews.

Any small business relies heavily on social proof to entice new customers. Many bars need all the help they can get to stand out from the crowd, but it can be hard to get people to leave reviews — positive or not. To make reviews easier, post a flowcode that leads to your Facebook or Yelp page and ask customers to leave a review. Most of them will leave positive reviews. Incentivize the review by offering a small discount on a drink.

People are more likely to leave thoughtful, positive feedback when they’re currently in the place they’re reviewing. Take advantage of their feeling of enjoyment by making it easy for them to review your bar right there in their seat.

In the age of the pandemic, it’s important that every dining or drinking establishment enforces social distancing and allows customers to safely patronize them. Flowcodes provide a way to safely conduct business and create a positive environment by letting customers use their smartphones to place orders and get information.

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