Many realtors across the US still rely on old-school offline marketing methods like lawn signs, catalogs, and flyers to convert leads. These methods serve a purpose, and have proven to be effective, but with a little innovation, they could be working much harder with Flowcode.

Here are some strategies for using Flowcode in real estate that have proven to yield success:

  • Turn dated offline marketing into an interactive experience. By adding a Flowcode to lawn signs, business cards, and other printed materials, you are opening up a world of digital possibility. A lawn sign with a Flowcode could give a potential customer the opportunity to view the listing, take a virtual tour, and contact you right from the palm of their hand. This eliminates the need for the customer to go out of their way to do additional research, and might even convert a passerby into a lead!

  • Offer an easy way for potential leads to contact you. Rather than listing all of your contact information, allow customers to retrieve all the information they need by simply scanning a Flowcode. This removes the friction of having to write down your number and email address and makes it easier for leads to contact you.

  • Understand what resonates with your audience. Different marketing materials are more successful than others. Instead of guessing what works, Flowcode lets you use real data to understand the performance of one piece of marketing versus another. Imagine you want to learn whether flyers or a catalog ad will yield more leads. You could run a simple test by putting one unique Flowcode on your flyers, and another in your catalog ad. You’d then be able to determine success by tracking which material gets more scans. Say flyers receive 10x more engagement than the catalog ad; you now know what resonates with your audience.

  • Grow your network. Add a Flowcode to your business cards and grow your real estate network within your community. Pro tip: connect your Flowcode to a Flowpage and start collecting the contact information of other realtors or potential customers. You can then use these contacts to start a newsletter, organize meetups, or ramp up email marketing efforts.

One of the best parts of utilizing Flowcodes in offline marketing is the ability to change where the code redirects to at any point in time. All Flowcodes are dynamic, meaning that once created, you can update the post-scan experience whenever you want, even if your Flowcode is already in use.

Here’s an example: imagine you include a Flowcode on a lawn sign to market a specific property listing. A week goes by and you still have no leads, so you check your Flowcode analytics (on and notice that your lawn sign is receiving hundreds of scans a day. People seem to be engaging with your marketing, but not that specific listing. Since Flowcodes are dynamic, you are able to change where the code redirects, thus changing the experience behind the Flowcode. You update the code to send potential customers to a general listings page, showcasing all the current properties you have on the market, rather than just the one. By doing so, you are using data to make an informed decision that then helps your business thrive.

With contactless contact becoming more important than ever, Flowcode is a simple and innovative way to grow your business while also adhering to COVID precautions. Stay one step ahead of the industry with Flowcode. Get started for free today!

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