Over the past few years, new consumer trends have reshaped the service industry. People want an ultra-personalized experience, and businesses need to stand out from their competitors. So, service-based businesses have innovated clever new ways to connect the real world with their digital presence. Flowcodes are pivotal in developing a better experience for customers.

A Digitally Enhanced Experience

Consumers are glued to their mobile devices, and many of them are actively using them while patronizing a service-based business. From looking up information about a service to accessing coupons on their phone, they’re ready to scan a flowcode as part of their customer experience. Service-based businesses can tap into this tendency by using flowcodes to promote their services, offer discounts, and keep customers engaged.

For example, service-based businesses often have waiting areas. Post a flowcode that sends customers to targeted marketing content, discount codes, or valuable information about your services. This tactic can boost sales by promoting your brand at a time that customers are already primed to buy.

Innovative Advertising

Print advertising isn’t dead — but in a world where people are frequently searching the internet for information about businesses, it’s smart to link your print ads to your online presence. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on consumers to punch your information into their phone. That’s where flowcodes come in.

Unlike a regular QR code, a flowcode can lead to an auto-generated email, phone call, or text message. That means that with a simple scan of your code, consumers can quickly contact your business. You can also create flowcodes for your social media channels or a promotional video. Consumers are accustomed to seeing ads that give them no opportunity to interact, so flowcodes make your print materials more enticing.

Serving Conscientious Customers

Today’s consumers are increasingly interested in sustainable products and conscientious consumption. Many have dietary restrictions and/or an interest in animal- or eco-friendly products. Whether you run a restaurant, pub, salon, or other service-based business, you’ve probably faced questions about your ingredients, materials, and processes. You may also have experienced an increase in customers who ask about calories and other nutritional data.

You can better serve your customers by using flowcodes to provide this information. Just as many product packages include flowcodes that link to nutrition facts, you can create flowcodes that show customers how you’re being attentive to their needs. For example, if you use only eco-friendly products in your hair salon, post a flowcode in the waiting area that sends customers to an optimized web page describing the products.

Contactless Service

Consumer preferences are changing quickly in light of the pandemic. More people are shopping from home or using takeout options. Many service-based businesses have made new accommodations to enforce social distancing. These are all challenging new procedures for businesses.

Flowcodes are helping businesses adapt to the new normal by decreasing the need for customers to touch common surfaces. With a simple wave of their smartphone, customers can scan a code to quickly access order forms, check-in screens, and payment portals. By using their own devices and not touching point-of-sale systems or menus, the risk of COVID-19 transmission is reduced. Plus, customers often find contactless systems much quicker and more convenient.

Flowcodes are an excellent way to modernize your service-based business modern and tune into your customers’ needs, especially during these difficult times. Because they effectively link the real world with the digital realm, flowcodes boost your customers’ engagement with your business and help you effectively implemented cross-channel marketing and upsell strategies. Plus, they are quick and easy, which is crucial for anyone in the service industry!

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