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How do I upgrade my Flowcode subscription?
How do I upgrade my Flowcode subscription?

Upgrading subscription tier

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You can upgrade your account in two different ways:

Directly from the plans page

1. Make sure you're logged into your Flowcode account and then navigate to our plans page.

2. Select the plan you would like to upgrade to.

Note: if you'd like to upgrade to the Growth or Enterprise plans, click Connect with us to chat to our team.

3. Simply put in your payment details and you'll be upgraded instantly!

In your account settings

1. After logging into your Flowcode account, either click Upgrade in the upper righthand corner or click your profile picture and then Upgrade.

2. Both paths will provide you with plan options to choose from. Select which plan looks best for you. This will bring you to the plan's specific page, where you can explore more unlocked features and upgrade directly from there.

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