The most common issue that people run into when printing their Flowcode on their own, is getting it to print at the desired size. Here's how to get the best results:

  • Open the file with your code (this can be a design that you added your code to, a Flowcode template, or just the code on its own)

  • Press File > Print

  • In the pop out print box, make sure your file is to scale at 100% and NOT ‘scaled to fit’.

    • This ensures that no matter what size paper you print on, the design will stay consistent in size printed.

  • Press print and enjoy!

Note: You will want to make sure that the Flowcode you are printing is at a minimum of .75inch from eye to eye (the eyes are the three large squares or circles in your code) no matter what. If your code is any smaller, it will be difficult for customers to scan.

Get help with your printer:

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