If you want to add your Flowcode to pre-existing marketing materials, or if you're creating your own design from scratch, follow the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Download your Flowcode as a png file (note: if you need your code as a vector file, select svg when downloading). You can do this at any time in the My Codes dashboard. Click on the code you want to print, and press Download.


Step 2: Save your downloaded file somewhere easily accessible like your computer desktop. Make sure your file has a name so that you can keep track of it.


Step 3: If you’re adding your Flowcode to a pre-existing design (like print advertising), simply insert or drag your Flowcode from your computer into the file and resize it to fit.

Note: When resizing your Flowcode, it’s crucial that the shape of the code remains intact. Distorting your code can result in a lack of scannability.


Step 3.5: If you’re starting from scratch with your Flowcode, insert or upload your file into your editing/design tool of choice (Photoshop, Word, Canva, etc.) and create your design. Follow our Flowcode best practices for optimal results.


Step 4: Scan your Flowcode using the Flowcode app or the camera on your phone to ensure the code was not distorted during the design process. If your code does not scan, make sure you are following our print best practices, or try re-uploading the Flowcode file.


Step 5: Print your design using your at-home printer, a trusted third party vendor, or a print center near you.

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