Ordering printed materials via Flowcode.com is a great way to cut back on printing costs while going green. Here are three reasons why printing with Flowcode is a sustainable option for your business:

1. Only print once: all Flowcodes are dynamic, which means that you can change where they redirect to at any point in time, even after printing. For example, instead of using new table tents for your menus each day or week, order table tents from Flowcode.com once and simply update where your code scans to when necessary.


2. Ditch the paper business cards: no one likes ordering new business cards. Plus, more often than not, they just end up getting lost or thrown out. When you order NFC-enabled business cards via Flowcode, you can simply share your contact information with a simple tap or scan. Why order hundreds of paper business cards, when you can order one long lasting, reusable business card?


3. Invest in durable products for your business: at Flowcode, we know that businesses need durable solutions that last. All of our print store products are high quality, durable, and water resistant. Our products are meant to help you cut back on unnecessary print costs, not double down.

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