Still searching for the perfect use case for Flowcode stickers? We got you! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Add Flowcode stickers to takeout/to-go bags. If you're a restaurant looking for ways to stay connected with customers after they order from your business, include a Flowcode as a part of the takeout experience. Customers can scan to leave a review, follow you on social, make a reservation, or order again! Better yet, link your Flowcode to a free Flowpage to share all your links in one digital experience.

2. Upgrade branded sticker sheets. Why give away generic stickers for your brand when you can create an interactive experience with Flowcode stickers. Scannable stickers allow you to share content with your audience each time they scan the Flowcode. Update the scan experience daily and keep your customers coming back for more (Pro tip: use the Smart Rules feature available with our Pro plan to dynamically share new content).

3. Use interactive floor stickers to share content while customers wait in line. Waiting in line is never fun... but Flowcode floor stickers make it better. Link your floor stickers to your business's social media, website, or even playlist that customers can listen to while they wait. Or help cut down wait times entirely by allowing customers to order from their mobile phone while standing in line.

4. Convert passing foot traffic into customers with Flowcode wall stickers. Ever walk by a restaurant or store and wonder what's inside? Flowcode wall stickers help businesses convert curious passerby's into real customers. Include a wall sticker (or window cling) on the outside of your brick and mortar location, allowing people to interact with and learn more about your business or brand. Link your wall sticker to a free Flowpage, where you can use the Contact Collection widget to capture their contact information.

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