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What’s the difference between a generic QR code and a Flowcode?
What’s the difference between a generic QR code and a Flowcode?
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What sets Flowcode apart from generic QR codes? It's all about the cutting-edge technology and added value that Flowcode brings to the table. Here's a rundown of the key differences:

  1. Enhanced Performance: Flowcodes utilize the latest QR technology, ensuring fast, reliable, and direct connections. In fact, Flowcodes have been found to have a 9% higher scan rate compared to generic QR codes, making them more effective in capturing user engagement.

  2. Dynamic: Unlike static QR codes, all Flowcodes are dynamic, meaning they can be reprogrammed to change destinations at any time. This flexibility allows you to adapt your QR code's content without the need for creating a new code.

  3. GDPR & CCPA Compliance: Flowcode prioritizes user privacy and data security. All Flowcodes are GDPR and CCPA compliant, safeguarding user information and ensuring a secure scanning experience. Our trademark 'privacy smile' symbolizes our commitment to protecting user privacy.

  4. Free Scan Metrics: Flowcode provides free scan metrics through Flowlytics, giving you access to real-time data on your code's performance. Track key metrics such as total scans per day, scan location, and device used. These insights help you measure the effectiveness of your QR code campaigns.

  5. Advanced Customization: Flowcode offers extensive customization options to make your QR codes truly unique. Free users can customize their codes with a variety of colors, logos, shapes, and textures, allowing for brand alignment. Paid users have the added benefit of working with our in-house designers to create custom codes that perfectly represent their brand identity.

  6. Ready-to-Print Templates: Flowcode provides a range of ready-to-print templates that have been proven to increase scans. Choose from a variety of designs that align with your brand's values and visual identity, ensuring an eye-catching and engaging QR code.

With Flowcode, you're not just getting a generic QR code, but a comprehensive solution that elevates your QR code campaigns with enhanced performance, data-driven insights, and advanced customization options.

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