Meta tags are text that provide information about your page. There are two parts: the meta title and the description. The title should be a headline for your page and the description should be a phrase that describes your page’s contents. This text does not appear on your page itself, but it does appear when someone searches for your Flowpage in a search engine. Think of it as a summary or elevator pitch for your Flowpage!

Here's an example:


Why should I set custom tags?

Meta tags help improve your Flowpage's position on the search engine results page (otherwise known as your SEO ranking). It's your opportunity to get potential customers, followers, or fans to click on your Flowpage!

Ok, I'm sold. How do I do it?

This is the easy part! When logged into your Flowpage account, select the button that says "Custom Meta Tags" in the Widgets section. Then, fill out a title and description for your Flowpage. Make sure your meta data is accurate and compelling!

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