There are several ways to download your Flowcode after creating it!

If this is your first code and you do not have an account, you will be prompted to enter your email address and a password to start an account after you set a scan destination for your code. Once you hit “download” the code will automatically download to your computer as a .png file.

On the next screen, you will find helpful resources. If you want to download your code in a different file format, click on “Edit and Manage”. On the next screen, click the ‘Download’ drop down menu and click “Just the Code”. There, you will see several different file type options to choose from:


If you already have a Flowcode account and want to download your Flowcode, you can either download your code by clicking “Create and Download Flowcode”. You will have the same options of file types to download, and the code will download right to your computer.

If you would like to download a code that you have already created, you can go to the “My Flowcodes” page by clicking “Flowcodes” on the left hand navigation menu. Once you are there, click ‘Download’ from the drop down menu and select “Just the Code”. Select a file type and the code will download right to your computer.

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