When you become a Flowcode Pro member, you may request a custom-designed Flowcode template that you can use for all of your codes.

This form can be found in the Account section of your dashboard, accessible in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Under the Profile tab, you will see the button to fill out our submission form with all relevant materials and notes.


After our in-house design team completes your template, they will add it to your Flowcode account for you to start using.

Follow the steps below to start using your custom design:

1. After logging into your Flowcode account, create a new Flowcode. You can do this by pressing the "Create" button on the lefthand menu, or by pressing the blue button that says "Create Code" on the My Flowcodes page.

Lefthand Menu



My Flowcodes Page


2. Next, name your Flowcode and enter your scan destination. All Flowcodes are dynamic, so you can update your code's scan destination at any point in time - even while it's in use.


3. Skip the design step! You'll notice that your custom design will auto-apply when you create a new code. You can also find your custom template in the section titled "a saved design." If for some reason you don't see your custom design, reach out to us at [email protected].

4. Create and download your new Flowcode. You can use your custom design an unlimited amount of times.

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