Flowcode is an online customizable QR code. At flowcode.com, we let you design and brand your personalized code. Once you’ve made your own Flowcode, you will be able to select where it scans to - your social media, business contacts, menus, and more. You can either directly link your Flowcode to one website, or you can create a customized Flowpage to bring together everything that you’d want to show the world!

Flowpage is the coolest way to aggregate all of your social media, contact info, payment info, and there are many more ways to use Flowpage. Businesses use Flowpage for menus and or business cards. Artists use it to promote their music and projects, and others use it simply to connect with others easily. You can embed videos and display pictures into your page, and the links you add will show up as buttons on your page. You can let others save your contact info and Flowpage. You can also use our analytics platform to easily see statistics on the activity of your Flowpage (for example: to see where people are clicking the most). You can use these analytics to improve your business in many ways. Flowpage is easily editable and updates online in real time once you save it, so you can do powerful things with this and your analytics. You can test new Flowpage designs, format, content and more. Flowpage is super versatile!


Flowtag is a physical form of Flowcode designed to go on the back of your phone. It is a very durable Flowcode sticker that allows anyone with a phone to tap or scan your code to visit and save your Flowpage. You stick a Flowtag on the back of your phone to get started. Flowtag comes in 3 forms:

  1. QR code bubble sticker that has tapping and scanning ability

  2. QR code bubble sticker that has scanning ability

  3. QR code flat sticker that has scanning ability

We have pre designed Flowtags for you to choose from! You can also customize, brand and order Flowtags for yourself, your family, your company, and social groups!

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