1. Get started by heading to www.flowcode.com/page or by hovering over the "Create" button on the left-hand menu if you are already logged into your account. Click Create a Flowpage to begin.

2. Next you'll be prompted to input a name for your Flowpage. Think of this as your page's handle. If you're creating a page for your business, this is where you'd input your business's name, as it will appear in the link to your Flowpage (ex: flow.page/brooklynpointnyc)


3. Once you decide on a name, you can start building your Flowpage. Start by inputting your Bio information. In this section, you can upload your logo and add a name and short bio to your page.


4. Next, add your contact information. If you're creating a Flowpage for personal use, this is where you can add your personal contact information. If you're creating a Flowpage for your business, enter your business's information here. Press Save Contact Info when you're done.


5. Add links to your Flowpage!

Start with the basics! Link to your website, social media accounts, and any other links or videos you want to share are all able to be added in our Standard Links section. Under Advanced Links you can embed Youtube, Spotify, and add PDFs to your page (this is most commonly used for adding resources like menus or instructional guides to be clickable)


6. Once you finish adding your content, scroll back up to the top and head to the Design tab. Here, you can pick a color and theme for your Flowpage or upload your own background image.


7. Save and publish your Flowpage by pressing the Save button. We recommend adding your Flowpage to your social media bios or sharing it via Flowcode.


Make sure to log back into your account to view analytics like page visits and link clicks!

Get started now by clicking here!

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