There is no app needed to scan a Flowcode! Anyone can scan a Flowcode using just the camera on their smartphone. Aim your camera at the code and tap the notification banner when it appears. If you are farther away from the code, you may need to zoom in a bit to focus on the code.

Here are some best practices for both creating and scanning Flowcodes by device type:

iPhones are the most commonly used device type for scanning our codes in the US. They are able to recognize Flowcodes quickly and effectively. Light backgrounds & dark data patterns perform best, but the inverse is also scannable.

The internal camera of many Android phones (especially phones more than 2 years old) looks for a standard QR code, with a white background and black data points/eyes. Some Android internal cameras will not recognize a QR code that has data points lighter than the background. (white on black, light blue on dark blue, etc.)

We recommend installing Google Lens on your Android phone for optimal scanning speed & ability, especially on older Android models.

Google Lens is an app that is available but not preinstalled on all phones. It is more effective at scanning codes that have dark backgrounds and lighter data points than the standard Android internal camera. Some android phones still struggle with getting a fast scan with a dark background code on Google Lens.

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